Infographic Icons

Perfect for showing information in landing pages or in the sections
[cz_inforgraphic_icons font-size=”50px” id=”cz_31253″]

– Over 90% of people

[cz_inforgraphic_icons number=”77%” icon=”fa fa-heart-o” icon_2=”fa fa-heart” font-size=”60px” number_of_icons=”5px” id=”cz_15443″]

– 3.90 Good ratings

[cz_inforgraphic_icons number=”48%” icon=”fa fa-star-o” icon_2=”fa fa-star” font-size=”52px” number_of_icons=”5px” id=”cz_38398″]

– Filled stars

[cz_inforgraphic_icons font-size=”70px” number_of_icons=”16px” id=”cz_46400″]

Increased number of icons and sizes

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