StyleKit is
Game Changer

StyleKit is a special feature designed exclusively for XTRA WordPress Theme, You can’t find such a unique feature anywhere else. With this special feature, you will be able to apply a special style to all components of your site without any coding skills. Designing a site to your liking is no longer a chore because you can design and modify all sections as you like with StyleKit. You can adjust color, sizes, spaces, typography, and more.

Advanced Options
Styling Without Knowledge 

StyleKit supports all important and advanced CSS options such as box shadow, positions, border styling, etc. There is no CSS skills required because everything have separate options and all are clear. StyleKit designed for both beginners and experts, Also for expert CSS guys, StyleKit have custom CSS field that will allow you to add any CSS codes you want to the specified element. Also with copy paste feature you can copy one StyleKit to another one quick and easy. 

Responsive Mode
Each Device Different Styles

StyleKit allows you to define different styles for each devices. For example you can set font size on 20px in desktop and then set 16px for tablet and 14px for mobile devices. Your site visitors will loves your website because your website will be great in any type of devices. Not just font size, any other fields can be get different value in each devices, Most important part for designers is padding and margin, so you can change them in small devices. 

Other Features


No coding required

Don’t need to know any CSS codes, StyleKit has all the important fields for designing

Responsive Mode

In responsive mode of StyleKit you can set different styles to elements for small devices

Background Settings

StyleKit allows you to set gradient background colors up to three colors, colors on image, etc.

Fast Performance

Every changes are live without any glitch, StyleKit speed and performance will surprise you


You can copy one StyleKit settings to another StyleKit easily with only two clicks (Copy/Paste)

Custom CSS

If you are expert in CSS, StyleKit allows you to add your custom CSS code separately