Fonts Families
Over 990+ Google Fonts

XTRA theme supports all Google web fonts, Typography fonts library by default have over 990 of popular fonts and by every theme updates, we will update fonts library with new fonts. You can also search in fonts and see preview text, change font weight, test your example text, etc. Fonts library uses AJAX system to load faster on your side. 

Typography Settings
No Coding Required

In XTRA theme you will be able to setup different typography for any parts, headlines, etc. Inside StyleKit you can change font size, font weight, styles, colors, font family, line height and any other CSS styling related to text. Everything is live and you can see changes before publish. You can also add custom font family for WP Editor to use it in other site parts. 

Icons Library,
1500+ Different Icons

Icons library with over 1500 new retina icons, there are different icons in any subject. With search field inside icons library, you will be able to find any type of icon you want easy and fast. Icons library is compatible with latest version of Font awesome and by every theme updates, we will also update font awesome file, So you always have access to new icons. 

Other Features


Google Fonts

In XTRA theme you have access to over 990 popular Google web fonts

Icons Library

With over 1500 icons, you can design great sections and service boxes

WP Editor Fonts

You can add any custom or Google fonts into WP Editor for further usage

Live Search

Fonts and icons library supports live search and easily you can find what you want


You can customize typography of all parts of XTRA theme with Stylekit system

Responsive Mode

You can’t find any theme to change typography on different devices, but XTRA have it