Layout & Site Width

Step 1

Layout section options

Under layout section, you can change sidebar position, fullwidth or boxed mode for overall layout, site width and more.

  1. Sidebar – Sidebar position left, right, both sides, none or even content center.
  2. Layout – Fullwidth, Boxed or Boxed with margin
  3. Site Width – Change site width in PX and %
  4. Sticky Sidebar – Enable Sticky Sidebar on all pages
  5. RTL mode – Will load right to left styles

You may want to know …

  • Boxed mode – If you enable boxed mode for layout then from Theme Options > General > Colors you can change boxed mode and body background colors.

  • RTL Mode – Useful for non RTL sites, you can enable this option and theme automatically will loads RTL styles.

  • Sidebars – If you want to change sidebar background or styling, go to Theme Options > General > Colors and find Sidebar StyleKits

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