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Step 1

Title and Breadcrumbs settings

Under Theme Options > Header > Title and Breadcrumbs you can find title and breadcrumbs settings and StyleKits, enable/disable revolution slider or page cover.

  1. Header Position – You can change header position according to title and breadcrumbs
  2. Title Type – You can set to title, slider, image, custom code, custom page, etc.
  3. Title and Breadcrumbs – Position and display of title and breadcrumbs
  4. Center Mode – Force title and breadcrumbs in center place
  5. Breadcrumbs Delimiter – Choose separator icon between breadcrumbs item
  6. StyleKits – Customize any part of title and breadcrumbs

You may want to know …

  • Enable Slider as page Title – First go to Dashboard > Revolution slider menu and create your own slider, then go back to theme options and title breadcrumbs panel, then set Title type to Slider revolution and then choose your slider.

  • Background Image or Color – In title and breadcrumbs panel find Container StyleKit and set your background image or color.

  • Background color in specific page – After you enabled title and breadcrumbs from theme options, go to Dashboard > Pages and edit your page, then from Page settings > Header settings you can find title and breadcrumbs container StyleKit and change background color.

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