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Colors and Styles

Under Colors and Styling section you can change primary and secondary website colors, Change background color and any general styling.

  1. Accent Color – You can change all primary theme colors
  2. Secondary Color – You can change website secondary colors
  3. Dark Mode – If you want to turn your site to dark mode enable this option
  4. Styling – Only general styling options for body, buttons, images, etc.
  5. Widgets – Full styling options for sidebars and widgets

You may want to know …

  • Theme Colors – If your theme color is for e.g. red and you want to change it to green, it will replace all old red colors in your database with new color you selected.

  • Dark Mode – It will affect only on 70% of website and you need to change some other parts that have custom styles manually.

  • Boxed StyleKit – If you want to change boxed background, first enable it from
    Theme Options > General > Layout

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