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Step 1

Social Share Icons

Under General > Share Icons section you can enable or disable social share icons for single pages and posts.

  1. Post Types – Enable/disable share box in any post types
  2. Share Icons – You can enable/disable share, copy and print icons
  3. Share Box Title – Add title for share box e.g. Share this post
  4. Tooltip – Enable tooltip feature for social share icons on hover
  5. Inline Title – Enable social share icons inline title
  6. Color Mode – Enable social share icons brand color mode
  7. StyleKits – Customize styling of container, social share icons and box title

You may want to know …

  • Post Types – If you have custom post types added by third party plugins then you can see your new post type name here.

  • Tooltip – If you want to change tooltips styling such as colors, size and background, then go to Theme Options > General > Colors & Styling

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