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Step 1

Mobile Header settings

Under Theme Options > Header > Mobile Header you can find mobile header elements, settings and StyleKits.

  1. Sticky mode – Enable/disable sticky mode for mobile header
  2. Content Before Header – Create custom page and assign its content before header
  3. Content After Header – Create custom page and assign its content after header
  4. Add Elements – Add or remove new custom elements for mobile header
  5. Menu StyleKits – You can customize menu styling for mobile header
  6. Mobile Menu Social – Enable/disable mobile OffCanvas menu social icons
  7. Mobile Menu Text – Add custom text below social icons in mobile OffCanvas menu
  8. Additional StyleKits – Customize social icons and text in mobile OffCanvas menu

You may want to know …

  • Mobile Menu – You can create custom menu from Appearance > Menus and assign its location to mobile, then in mobile header elements you can set location to mobile menu.

  • Content Before/After – From Dashboard > Pages you can create a custom page and then in mobile header setting select it before or after header and theme will show that page content in mobile only.

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