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Step 1

Footer Bottom Bar settings

In XTRA theme there is three footer rows, Footer top bar, Footer widgets and Footer bottom bar. All settings and StyleKits for three rows almost are same, Bellow we explained footer options and StyleKits.

Under Theme Options > Footer > Footer Bottom Bar you can find and add elements for footer row and customize footer styling.

  1. Add Elements – Add some new elements to footer top bar places
  2. Styling – Customize container, row or columns of footer top bar
  3. Menu Styling – Customize footer top bar menu styling, colors, sizes, etc.

You may want to know …

  • Elements – footer have over 12+ premium elements and there is no limitation on settings and StyleKits.

  • Menus Styling – This StyleKits only affects on this row and not other rows, it means you can have different menu styling on different row.

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