Page General Settings

Page General Settings

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Settings Overview

In XTRA WordPress theme you can change some important settings in specific custom pages, for example if you want to have page with or without sidebar, you can edit page and change its settings and settings will only affect on that specific page. You can change page background, hide header or footer, change header colors, etc.


General Settings Tab

Under general settings tab you can see general page settings, Available settings:

  1. Sidebar position
  2. Page content gap
  3. Page background
  4. Hide header
  5. Hide footer
  6. Featured image / Menu location

Sidebar Position

You can change sidebar and page content position for specific page, Sidebar position option have multiple different types, Left and Right and even both sides. Available Positions:

  1. No Sidebar
  2. Content Center
  3. Sidebar Left
  4. Sidebar Right
  5. Sidebar Small
  6. Sidebar Both sides

Page Content Gap

If you want to remove page content gap between header, content and footer only on one specific page, you can try this option setting.


Page Background

If you wish to change specific custom page background, in XTRA theme you can do it, Available options:

  1. Background Color
  2. Background Gradient Color
  3. Background Image
  4. Background Color Overlay
  5. Background Position

Hide Header

If you want hide header in specific page, then you can do it via page settings. It only affect on specific page and not all website.


Hide Footer

If you want hide footer in specific page, then you can do it via page settings. It only affect on specific page and not all website.


Last General Setting

In single posts, you can hide featured image in specific post and in Single page, you can change menu navigation location.

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