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Step 1

Header Sticky settings

Under Theme Options > Header > Sticky Header you can enable or disable header sticky and or create a custom sticky header with new elements.

  1. Sticky Type – Choose sticky type of header rows or select custom sticky
  2. Smart Sticky? – Hide sticky header by scroll down and will show it by scroll up
  3. StyleKits – Customize current header stickies container and row
  4. Add elements – Custom sticky mode you can add elements in left, center and right

You may want to know …

  • Sticky multiple headers – In sticky mode you can enable sticky on multiple header rows, for example you can enable sticky on header 1 and 2 or header 1 and 3, there is no limitation and you can also make all header rows sticky.

  • Custom Sticky – In custom sticky mode you can add totally new elements in header and it will show after you scroll down page.

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