Page builder elements overview

Step 1

Theme premium elements

XTRA theme comes with at least 49 premium page builder elements, All elements are exclusively designed and developed for XTRA WordPress theme and with yellow icon you can find them under XTRA tab.


Common elements settings

Each theme elements have some common settings that you can find them under Advanced tab. Some elements have all of these settings and others have some of these settings.

  1. Hide on Desktop? – Hide element only on desktop
  2. Hide on Tablet? – Hide element only on tablet
  3. Hide on Mobile? – Hide element only on mobile
  4. Parallax – Make this element moveable on scroll
  5. Parallax speed – Parallax movement speed on scroll
  6. Mouse speed – Movement speed on mouse move
  7. Tilt effect – Parallax on hover tilt effect
  8. Tilt Glare – Glare effect on mouse hover
  9. Tilt Scale – Scale effect on mouse hover
  10. CSS Animation – Show element on page scroll
  11. Animation Delay – Animation delay time in milliseconds
  12. Extra Class – Allows you to add custom class to element

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