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Step 1

White label settings

Under General > White Label you can change XTRA theme brand names and set your own names for Theme and core plugin.

  1. Disable Features – You can disable some of theme features
  2. Menu Icon – You can change XTRA theme admin menu icon
  3. Welcome Page Logo – XTRA theme welcome page logo replacement
  4. Theme Name – Replace XTRA theme name in style.css and folder
  5. Theme Screenshot – Replace XTRA theme screenshot image
  6. Plugin Name – Replace Codevz plus plugin name in admin pages
  7. Plugin Description – Replace Codevz plus plugin description text
  8. Author Name – Author name for Theme and Codevz plus plugin
  9. Author Link – Author website link for Theme and Codevz plus plugin

You may want to know …

  • Theme Name – By replacing theme name, your website theme name, style.css and theme folder name will change.

  • Plugin Name – Will only affects on admin page and not plugin files.

  • Disable Features – By disabling some of theme features, your backend will have faster speed.

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