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Settings Overview

In XTRA WordPress theme you can change some important settings in specific custom pages, for example if you want to have page with or without sidebar, you can edit page and change its settings and settings will only affect on that specific page. You can change page header position, header type, header background, title background, etc.


Header Position

You can change header position in specific page, Available options:

  1. Default position
  2. Header and title bar
  3. Title bar and header
  4. Header overlay on desktop
  5. Header overlay on tablet
  6. Header overlay on mobile

Page Title Type

You can change title type for specific page, set slider, custom image, shortcode or set custom page content, available options:

  1. Default type
  2. Disable title bar
  3. Title and Breadcrumbs
  4. Revolution Slider
  5. Custom Image
  6. Custom Shortocde
  7. Custom page content

Title bar color and styling

You can change title bar background, color, border and all Styling related to Title and Background for specific page.


Page header styling

If you wish to change specific custom page header styling, then you can do it in any page settings header section.

  1. Header top bar
  2. Main Header
  3. Header bottom bar

Overal header StyleKit

If you want to change background image or color of overall header section, you can do it with this StyleKit.


Fixed side StyleKit

If your site have fixed side enabled, then you can change fixed side styling for specific page. For e.g. change background color, width, border, etc.

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