Importing demo content and settings

Step 1

Go to demo importer page

  1. Go to your site dashboard
  2. Go to XTRA > Demo Importer menu

Find your favorite demo in demos library

  1. Demo importer page
  2. You can use search form to find demo
  3. Find your favorite demo
  4. If you have not activated theme, click on Unlock button else click on Import button

Start importing a demo

After finding your demo in demos list and click on import button, You will see a demo wizard like the following shot, then click on the next step button.


Choose your favorite page builder

In the next wizard step you need to choose page builder.


  1. Choose page builder
  2. If you want RTL version, check this field
  3. Click on the next step button

Demo wizard configuration

In this step you can set which features you want to import on your website.


  1. Choose Full import or Custom import
  2. In custom import you can choose some features to import
  3. Click on the next step button

Waiting for importer process

Demo importer may take up to 10 minutes to import the demo, it depends on your server speed. If you faced any problem during importing demo content, you can do it again up to 3 times, But if still have problem with importing demo, you can contact with out support center.


What to do if demo importer fails?

First make sure your theme and codevz plus plugin both are up to date, If your demo importer fails or only some parts not imported successfully, then you can try again demo importer wizard. For example if you noticed that slider not imported on your website, then you can try demo importer wizard again but this time in the configuration step only select Slider revolution from custom import checkboxes and then run importer.

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